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Old Love

Old Love

In the woods there are faces

Faces from the past

Faces from the future

Her face through trees, shining, hiding

The sun, the shadows.

The woods were a scary place.

We went there on special days,

When we wanted to feel the past,

To be with whatever it was that lived there.

I feel it some mornings even now, it calls me.

One I was lost in the woods.

We had gone there together, T and me, and another,

perhaps Trey Fecto,

and being small and prone to sliding, I did.

The others were very far away.

The fear was awesome, but there was something else

there among the trees, the cold dampness on my face

the sun peeping through.

The woods themselves held me for a moment

as if to say, look to the sun, look to the shadows

It is all there.

Now I am back in the woods,

She is here as well,

Both of us lost, wandering, apart and together, frightened.

But the woods is there for us, saying; Welcome home.

Look to the sun. Look to the shadows.

It is all there for you. If you can see.

Shall I chase her through the woods?

There is great danger in doing so.

Brambles, crevasses,

The memory of the time I fell, and also the elusive Puck,

waiting with his tricks.

Can Oberon and Titania love as the forest they have made?

Can they join the young ones in their night of passion?

or are the confined to watch and pluck the humans out for

their casual amusement?

Does old love grow in these woods?

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