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The Truth

The truth

From the slave mart in Charleston,

to Dresden,


My Lai

and Dealey Plaza,

our shadow has sprung forth.


It has donned leather boots and stormed onto the stage,

saying look, look at me.

I am your Halloween.

I am your evil truth.


No Cowboy cheerleader smiles

or 700 Club promises of salvation will save us now.

The dark side is on parade.


But we will not be lulled into submission of internet click bait

or promises of appeasement.

We will not go gentle,

or be weighed down by the truth.

We will look at it, and call it by its name.

We will stand together on the streets

and tell the world.


Our motto is “Don’t tread on me”

and our strength is in our outrage.

Our truth is on Calvary Hill,

In the cave of Hira,

And on the beaches of Normandy.


Our truth is the truth of the ages

That tells us life is good,

People are kind,

and we are not alone.

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